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Focus on expanding patient base while we extend our commitment diligently with our best in class credentialing service & software to accomplish paper work and get credentialed for shedload of insurance companies that require lengthy online applications.

Possible to admit if the patients ever would pay out of network and it's phenomenal and critical to tackle multiple insurance companies on the line without credentialing software and cloud storage system.

Certainly, it's transparent to divulge about prioritizing patient needs and advance treatment options essential for a deliberate medical practice. Credentialing software, Orca Cred can intensify the odds in the services to make healthcare professionals stay "in network".

Who can use

Individual Doctors

correctDoctors benefit with the privileges to acquire clients from the insurance companies.

correctPossibilities to expand patient number and maintain meticulous standards.

correctPreliminarily, Orca Cred verifies all the credentials to assure nothing stops or slows down the process.

correctIt infuses confidence in the standards of profession, minimizes errors with low costs.

Clinics/Practice Groups

correctOrca Cred assist in procuring the group contract for both the practice groups/clinics.

correctThe advantage of group credentialing is, the credentialed enrollment doesn't go with them even if one of the providers leaves the practice/group.

correctWe could have an abundant number of providers linked under the group contract.

correctThe clinic/groups will also have an option to negotiate the reimbursement rates offered by the payers.

correctOrca Cred will obtain an individual contract for the clinics with a single provider.


correctHospital affiliation is crucial for provider credentialing with the other commercial payers as they require a maximum of one in the state where they render service.

correctIf the physician doesn't have admitting privileges, then he/she must look for some other physician who could admit the patient on his behalf.

correctOrca Cred assists in surpassing the situation by credentialing the provider with the hospital at a rapid pace.

correctPrivileging the physician would help in authorizing specific scope of practice for patients.


correctPayer and practices prefer to enable EFT/ERA as it reduces their burden in following up with the paper checks and paper EOB.

correctOrca Cred creates a login and enables EFT/ERA for Payspan, Availity, RedCard, CAQH Enroll hub, Emdeon aka Change Healthcare, SAM (can create DUNS number), Emedny and for a lot more portals.

correctWe also assist in obtaining a CLIA number for the location where the practice can perform LAB works and get those CPT's paid without any disruption.

Medical Billing Companies

correctProtects their client's business by examining records and errors

correctReduces the costs associated with the medical billing errors which infact can decrease revenue reimbursements.

correctWhile coding and billing becomes hectic for the healthcare organizations to confront.

correctEnsures end to end revenue cycle management services with Cred credentialing software solutions.


correctVarious difficult words used in the pharmaceutical industry used to delineate processes.

correctOrca Cred gathers credentialing information and delivers according to its requirement.

correctIt involves online portals that allows chain code and update the data based on the chain codes available.

correctThe collected information is scanned to complete credentialing and compliance.

Orca Cred Credentialing Tool is a boon!

Credentialing software that makes it simpler and more flexible to track and report credentialing status, certifications, renewal dates and other crucial with simplified and automated process for healthcare requirements.

Cloud based system alleviates to ignore the complicated, sensitive and fallible provider management process by congregating the physicians’ data and storing securely to execute primary source verifications from retaining years of records and disseminating across healthcare organizations.

The respective application will be picked up from the forms repository and the details will be deployed automatically as specified on the Provider’s profile information.

The Orca Cred sends alerts to the practice manager or the provider 30 to 45 days prior to the expiration of each essential documents. From the time of first alert once in every 7 days an alert will be hitting the particular provider’s mobile or inbox until the renewed document is placed on the tool.

Orca Cred is designed securely as we know how pivotal the credentials are and always find a way to share the documents securely but unfortunately the encryption is unavailable in the email, so we use the facsimile which is a tedious process. This Orca Cred is embedded with an encryption access so you can email the documents in a concealed way to the other.

Filling out the application form is a tremendous task. Almost all the applications seek provider signature and to do so, the provider must download a PDF, complete, scan and then return in an email. With Orca Cred, the provider can zip through an application online and sign it in matter of minutes.

With Orca Cred, providers can easily identify the next re-credentialing date which helps in submitting the re-validation application on time. This act would protect the group and the provider from unnecessary chaos in processing the claims.

Get self on board with just a click. Providers will be handled through the process of entering self-information and upload the documents. Providers information is available and visible with the required information to start a credentialing process.

Despite the physician's participation status, the Network plan details play a vital role in processing the claims. Even though the provider is participating but not with the plan acquired/procured by the member then ultimately the claim will be denied, and the burden will be bestowed on the provider's shoulder.

This can be easily overcome at the first attempt by using Orca Cred as this tool has a feature or a tank of storing the provider’s network plan details which will be conspicuous to the front desk. The member’s plan information can be cross verified with the provider’s and if it is found then the front desk can proceed further and even, if there was a claim denial, we have a firm proof to resist and get them paid.

Orca Cred Process

Our Artisans are "Geeks" With no doubt!

The credentialing services & software crew is proficient and adroit in fixing the issues by accumulating the chances of approval to save time and decreasing complications involved with applications and follow up process.

We aid in payment enrollment with insurance companies that befits your medical practice. Guarantee towards our assistance for throughout process from credentialing preparations to re-credentialing if necessary is virtuous.

Our credentialing software accommodates with better configuration essential for feasible credentialing services.

Our App Features Include


Centralized License


Cloud Based System


Workflow Automation


Customized Reporting


Appealing Interface


Document Expiration Management


Electronic Forms and e-signatures


Secure database management


SPOC - Single Point of Contact

Orca Cred Plans

No more "one-size-fits-all". We have well-designed plans for different kinds of needs.

Features Orca Basic Orca Professional Orca Business Orca Maintenance
Single Provider Credentialing
Group Credentialing
Location & Commercial 1L & 1C 2L & 18C 4L & 28C 4L & 28C
Primary Source Verification
Admin Login & Sub User Login
Web Training
Call Support
Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment & Portal Setup
Additional Specialty Enrollment/Location Add
Admitting Privilege Enrollment
Ambulatory Surgery Center Privileges
Document Expiration Alerts
Re-Credentaling & Re-Validations
Provider Directory Update & CAQH Attestation

What our clients are saying

Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

OrcaCred had made things possible as it's very simple and easy to use.

Medical Coder

Excellent services and very easily accessible. Best to recommend.


Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

OrcaCred had made things possible as it's very simple and easy to use.

Medical Coder

Excellent services and very easily accessible. Best to recommend.


Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

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