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Focus on expanding patient base while we extend our commitment with our best in class credentialing software. Maintain accurate paperwork and get credentialed for a number of insurance companies that require lengthy online applications.

It is extremely crucial to be aware of your network plans to check if patients are paying out of network or are eligible for reimbursements. Credentialing software makes it easy for you to manage your network plans with multiple insurance companies with its superior cloud storage facility.

As a healthcare professional, patient care management and learning advanced treatment options are your top priorities. You can focus on improving your prospects while credentialing software Orca Cred helps you stay "in network".

Who can use

Individual Doctors

correctVerification of all credentials to keep up the pace.

correctUpdated paperwork with insurance companies.

correctMinimized errors to maintain high professional standards.

correctBenefit of expanding patient base from insurance companies.

Clinics/Practice Groups

correctAssistance with procurement of group contract for practice groups and clinics.

correctBenefit of linking any number of providers under one group contract.

correctStability in group contract even if a provider leaves the group/clinic.

correctOption to negotiate reimbursement rates offered by the payers.

correctIndividual contract for the clinics with a single provider.


correctDedicated assistance with credentialing healthcare providers with the hospitals for admitting privileges.

correctAuthorization of specific scope of practice made easier with privileging the physician.


correctEnabling of EFT/ECRA for a wide range of trusted portals including Payspan, Availity, RedCard, CAQH Enroll hub, Emdeon, SAM and Emedny.

correctAssistance with obtaining CLIA number for required location where the practice can perform lab work.

correctMinimized disruption in payment of CPTs.

Medical Billing Companies

correctEnd to end revenue cycle management services.

correctProper examination of records and minimized billing errors.

correctReduced costs due to minimal delay in reimbursements.


correctCollection of credentialing information.

correctUse of online portals allowing chain code to scan the data.

correctUpdating collected information as per standard compliance needs.

Top Features at Orca Cred

Orca Cred simplifies the credentialing system for you and offers end to end support with complete transparency in service. Take a look at our top features.

Cloud based system provides relief from complicated and fallible provider management process by congregating and storing the physicians’ data. Security is ensured through primary source verifications from retaining years of records, disseminated across healthcare organizations.

Applications from the forms repository are taken and the details are automatically deployed as per the provider’s profile easily.

You will be alerted 30 to 45 days in advance regarding the expiration of any essential document. Weekly reminders will follow to keep you updated.

To ensure utmost security, we use facsimile for encrypting your sensitive documents shared over an email. Orca Cred is embedded with an encryption access so you can email the documents in a concealed way.

Orca Cred provides a hassle free feature to sign all your applications online. With our support, you can zip through an application online and sign it in a matter of minutes without having to scan, complete and return the application.

You can easily avoid unnecessary chaos while processing the claims by submitting the revalidation application on time. Orca Cred provides you the re-credentialing date well in advance.

Register yourself easily with just one click. You will be guided through the process of entering information and uploading required documents. Once all necessary information is uploaded to your profile, you are good to go!

This unique feature offered by Orca Cred is enabled to take care of claim denials. It stores details of the provider’s network plan which can be cross-verified with the member’s plan information. This will act as a firm proof to demand claims.

Orca Cred Process

Our Artisans are "Geeks" With no doubt!

Orca Cred is handled by a skilled and dedicated crew, who are adroit at fixing issues. They work towards enhancing the chances of approval by minimizing any complications involved with applications and the follow up process.

Our credentialing software is configured to the best of professional standards to ensure proper care to all providers. Updated credentials will aid in payment enrollment with insurance companies, benefitting your medical practice.

We provide guaranteed end to end assistance from registering to re-credentialing. Schedule a meeting or book a call to know more.

What makes Orca Cred your Unique Credentialing Partner?

Software designed to serve both providers and credentialing staff.

Decoding entire insurance plan for reduced claim denials.

Comprehensive network plan view to manage patient eligibility.

Every transaction history stored securely for easy tracking.

Customizable dashboard according to organizational requirements.

Task status view for providers in real time.

Several levels of authorization for improved data security.

Customizable reports with data analytical support.

Orca Cred Plans

We have plans for every kind of need. Take a look to know which suites you best!

Features Orca Basic Orca Professional Orca Business Orca Maintenance
Single Provider Credentialing
Group Credentialing
Location & Commercial 1L & 1C 2L & 18C 4L & 28C 4L & 28C
Primary Source Verification
Admin Login & Sub User Login
Web Training
Call Support
Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment & Portal Setup
Additional Specialty Enrollment/Location Add
Admitting Privilege Enrollment
Ambulatory Surgery Center Privileges
Document Expiration Alerts
Re-Credentaling & Re-Validations
Provider Directory Update & CAQH Attestation

What our clients are saying

Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

OrcaCred had made things possible as it's very simple and easy to use.

Medical Coder

Excellent services and very easily accessible. Best to recommend.


Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

OrcaCred had made things possible as it's very simple and easy to use.

Medical Coder

Excellent services and very easily accessible. Best to recommend.


Have used other services but found OrcaCred useful and unique.

Billing Manager

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